• Chicken soup
    450 ALL

    Chicken soup

  • Vegetables soup
    400 ALL

    Vegetables soup

  • Fish soup
    500 ALL

    Fish soup

  • Broccoli soup
    500 ALL

    Broccoli soup

  • Beans soup
    500 ALL

    Cream beans and salvia


  • Rocket with octopus salad
    600 ALL

    Dry almond, celery, affumicata scarmoza, rocket, cherry tomato

  • Rocket salad
    400 ALL

    Rocket salad, parmigiano and cherry tomato

  • Green salad with shrimps
    500 ALL

    Green salad with shrimps and orange

  • Green salad
    550 ALL

    Green salad, tuna, cherry tomato, red onion, olives, croutons

  • Spinach sauté
    400 ALL

    Spinach sauté

  • Grilled vegetables
    400 ALL

    Grilled vegetables

  • Boiled vegetables
    400 ALL

    Boiled vegetables

  • Greek salad
    400 ALL

    Greek salad

  • Caesar salad
    500 ALL

    Caesar salad

  • Caprese
    600 ALL


  • Gambero salad
    600 ALL

    Mushrooms, bacon, celery, radicchio, iceberg, cherry tomato and parmigiano

Seafood Appetizers

  • Tuna tartare with avocado
    700 ALL

    Tuna tartare with avocado

  • Salmon tartare
    800 ALL

    Salmon tartare with orange and dill

  • Sea bass fish Carpaccio
    650 ALL

    Sea bass fish Carpaccio

  • Octopus Carpaccio
    700 ALL

    Octopus Carpaccio

  • Seafood salad
    1000 ALL

    Seafood salad

  • Marinated salmon Carpaccio
    700 ALL

    Marinated salmon Carpaccio with beet, coffee and orange Accompanied with toasted bread, Philadelphia cream and chlorophyll

  • Croquette fish
    400 ALL

    Croquette fish with capperi sauce and acciughe

  • Shrimps with chili sauce
    800 ALL

    Shrimps with chili sauce and feta cheese grated

  • Grilled octopus
    850 ALL

    Grilled octopus with purple potato sauce, chives and lemon

Earth Appetizers

  • Beef tartare
    850 ALL

    Beef tartare

  • Mixed cheese
    800 ALL

    Mixed cheese

  • Beef Carpaccio
    800 ALL

    Beef Carpaccio with arugula and parmigiano

  • Grilled porcini
    600 ALL

    Grilled porcini mushrooms with grated parmigiano

  • Stuffed mushrooms
    500 ALL

    Stuffed mushrooms (Bacon, gorgonzola and truffle sauce)

  • Crepe Money Bags
    500 ALL

    Crepe Money Bags with ricotta, chicken and Saffron sauce

  • Asparagus rolls
    700 ALL

    Asparagus rolls with bacon and béchamel sauce

First dish

  • Risotto with broccoli
    700 ALL

    Risotto with broccoli, marinated egg and cream cheese

  • Risotto porcini mushrooms and truffle
    900 ALL

    Risotto porcini mushrooms and truffle

  • Risotto with seafood
    900 ALL

    Risotto with seafood

  • Risotto with shrimps
    850 ALL

    Risotto with shrimps, spinach and gorgonzola

  • Risotto with shrimps
    900 ALL

    Risotto with shrimps, spinach and pine nuts

  • Risotto with Saffron
    900 ALL

    Risotto with Saffron, zucchini and bacon

  • Paccheri with pescatrice
    950 ALL

    Paccheri with pescatrice

  • Linguine with Sea bass fish
    850 ALL

    Linguine with Sea bass fish

  • Spaghetti with cherry tomato and basil
    650 ALL

    Spaghetti with cherry tomato and basil

  • Linguine with seafood
    900 ALL

    Linguine with seafood

  • Tagliatelle with shrimps and zucchini
    850 ALL

    Tagliatelle with shrimps and zucchini

  • Saccottini with Sea bass fish
    900 ALL

    Saccottini with Sea bass fish, cauliflower sauce and tomato pearls

  • Ravioli with potato and baked ham
    800 ALL

    Ravioli with potato and baked ham

  • Pasta with scampi
    1000 ALL

    Pasta with scampi

  • Orecchiette with beef
    800 ALL

    Orecchiette with beef, zucchini, fresh tomato

  • Pasta with Lamb Ragù
    750 ALL

    Pasta with Lamb Ragù

Second dish

  • Sea bass fillet
    1200 ALL

    Sea bass fillet with crushed potatoes, spinach and coconut milk

  • Tuna grilled
    1100 ALL

    Tuna grilled

  • Sole fillet
    1100 ALL

    Sole fillet with wine and lemon

  • Tuna Tataki
    1100 ALL

    Tuna Tataki

  • Salmon fillet
    1300 ALL

    Salmon fillet with zucchini cream, quinoa and potato

  • Tris grilled fish
    1100 ALL

    Tris grilled fish

  • Fillet of beef with pesto
    1100 ALL

    Fillet of beef with pesto, rocket and parmigiano sauce

  • Fillet of beef
    1200 ALL

    Fillet of beef with demi-glace sauce and mushroom champignon

  • Goose breast
    1500 ALL

    Goose breast

  • Lamb ribs
    1400 ALL

    Lamb ribs accompanied according your desire

  • Florentine steak
    6000 ALL/Kg

    Florentine steak

Sea Products

  • Small scampi
    5000 ALL/Kg

    Small scampi

  • First scampi
    6500 ALL/Kg

    First scampi

  • Scampi
    8000 ALL/Kg


  • Tiger shrimp
    6000 ALL/Kg

    Tiger shrimp

  • Shrimp purple I
    9000 ALL/Kg

    Shrimp purple I

  • Shrimp purple II
    7000 ALL/Kg

    Shrimp purple II

  • Vongole
    3500 ALL/Kg


  • Smooth clam
    4000 ALL/Kg

    Smooth clam

  • Scallops
    3500 ALL/Kg


  • Oysters
    2500 ALL/Kg


  • Lobster
    7000 ALL/Kg


  • Sea bass fish
    6000 ALL/Kg

    Sea bass fish

  • Sea bass fish breeding
    5000 ALL/Kg

    Sea bass fish breeding

  • Sea bream fish
    6500 ALL/Kg

    Sea bream fish

  • Dentex
    7000 ALL/Kg


  • Pescatrice
    3500 ALL/Kg


  • Saint Peter fish
    5000 ALL/Kg

    Saint Peter fish

  • Sole fish
    4500 ALL/Kg

    Sole fish

  • Rombo fish
    4500 ALL/Kg

    Rombo fish

  • Sea cicadas
    13000 ALL/Kg

    Sea cicadas

  • Aragosta
    14000 ALL/Kg



  • Brown chocolate
    370 ALL

    Brown chocolate

  • Cheesecake
    450 ALL


  • Berry mousse
    450 ALL

    Berry mousse, biscuits and chocolate with whisky

  • Chocolate soufflé with ice cream
    420 ALL

    Chocolate soufflé with ice cream

  • Bavarese with vanilla
    300 ALL

    Bavarese with vanilla and fruit jelly

  • Gambero ice cream
    300 ALL

    Gambero ice cream

  • Fruits
    500 ALL


  • Panna cotta
    350 ALL

    Panna cotta with Basil, mascarpone cream with honey, biscuit and tomato jam